All for football, football for all!

Football is the most popular game in the world. It connects people regardless of skin color, gender or religion. This is the kind of football we want to play. We believe in amateur sports based on fair play. Thus we created Etnoliga.

No to racism and discrimination

We witness racist incidents at stadiums and school playgrounds everyday. Imitating the sounds of monkeys or throwing bananas… Victims? Emmanuel Olisadebe, Roberto Carlos, Samuel Eto’o, Mario Balotellego, Kevin-Prince Boateng and many others. Some protested, some even left the pitch during the game. Dani Alves ate the banana thrown from the stands initiating #WeAreAllMonkeys camapaign. Great stars are fighting racism and discrimination off the field. Predrag Pasic gave up a career in Germany to fund a football school for kids in besieged Sarajevo. Carlos Caszely at the peak of his international career stood against the Chilean dictatorship, for which his family paid with tortures. Didier Drogba took his award for best African football player to the revolting part of Ivory Cost to ask for peace and unity during the civil war. These are just some of our heroes.


The first tournament was organized in 2005. We invited refugees from Chechnya and Africa, students and pupils to play together in one-day tournament. Next year new groups joined us, namely Vietnamese and people from Africa. In the third and fourth tournament we had already 12 teams, including representations of the Jewish community and Legia Warszawa supporters. We started cooperation with women players, introducing a minimum number of 3 women in each team. Due to the great interest in 2010 the tournaments transformed into a solid league.

What is special about Etnoliga?

  • we create a multicultural community that shares common passion
  • there is nearly a thousand people from over 50 countries playing with us every year
  • all the teams are multicultural, women and men play together
  • players are welcome to co-decide on the league
  • the matches are accompanied with contests, food and presentations of the teams
  • the scoring system favors fair play and activity
  • we have our own representation, and regularly train
  • we organize charity tournaments, also for children, and many more…

The Foundation is a member of the international association Football Against Racim in Europe.