What are the main rules of Etnoliga?

The are 12-20 teams usually. Each team must include at least 3 men and 3 women, and the players of at least 3 nationalities. Each prepares a presentation and refreshments (the form of presentation changes from season to season). There are professional referees.

When do you play?

Each spring and autumn, the season lasts approx. 3 months. Throughout the whole year, we arrange training and sparring activities and games, and compete in other tournaments.

Where do you play?

Competitions are held in different districts of Warsaw. In the spring season we play outdoor, and in the fall in the sports halls. Check where we play now

How can I join?

Recruitment usually takes place in February-March and August-September. You will find necessary information regarding the upcoming edition on this site and on our facebook.

How much does it cost?

Our project was invented for amateurs who cannot afford to play in paid leagues. We believe that sport should be accessible to all, and therefore our activities are free of charge.

I do not have a team…

Etnoliga is also for you! We accept individual and team applications. So don’t worry, we will help you find a team to join. Just check the appropriate box in the application form.

I have some friends, maybe even a whole team, but we do not have girls and foreigners with us…

Talk to the grils you know – maybe they have always wanted to play football but did not have a chance? Post info on facebook. Look around your neighborhood, haven’t you ever met foreigners there? Invite them to play together. Ask at work, at school. You can also write to us, we wil do our best to help you complete the team.

I am a minor…

You can play in Etnoliga from the age of 16. If you are a minor fill the consent for participation signed by your parent/legal guardian.

Are the players insured against accidents?

No, we do not offer that. You participate at your own risk. Injuries happen, of course, and you should always take it into the consideration. We provide emergency medical care for injuries incurred during the game (affixing abrasions, wounds disinfection, protection of wounds).

What are the prizes?

We play for fun and for the idea, not for rewards. All the participants get commemorative medals. The winners get cups and, in some editions, some extra gifts.

Do you offer other sport activities?

Yes. We meet once or twice a week for sparring and training. Current information can be found on our facebook.

What if I live out of Warsaw?

You still can meet us in your city at demonstration matches and workshops for people interested in integration through sport. If you want to organize a tournament, we will be happy to help you!

I have a question…

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